The IRA and its various offshoots caused death and destruction on a industrial scale in the North-western tip of Europe .  Far from being a guerilla war that targeted only military targets, it was a campaign waged mostly against a civilian population.  The group that claimed to be the champion of civil rights murdered more of its own people that any of the other groups in the conflict. We will investigate the true background to the terror campaign and the foreign influences: international intelligence agencies that used Northern Ireland as a terrible Danse Macabre. This would overturn democracy and replace it with those who murdered and bombed.





  1. Democracy is power of the people not murder of the people. The democracy of republicanism brought death to more Roman Catholics than any other of the groups involved, What freedom did the republican movement bring to the hundreds of innocent Roman Catholics it murdered?

  2. Yes true. But lets not forget it was Roman Catholics who voted the murderers and bombers into government. It is they who gave them legitimacy and respectability.

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